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    1. Welcome To Wenzhou Amusement Park! Tel:0577-86696111
      Time: Mon To Weekend, 8:30-17:00      中文版    English

      Canyon Torrent

      Stimulus project


      Canyon rapids, which combines high-altitude water rafting and glide in one. The rides on the pottery rule people's sentiments, people will exercise plays an important role. Visitors from the site on board, drifting along the waterways to the first lift stations, because of its height is only half of the second lift stations, so it is a prelude to the climax of the play equipment, parts, upgraded boat in rapid decline, so that visitors pre-experience look slightly upgraded high-speed thrill of surfing, so that visitors have a certain psychological preparation. The second lift stations slowly raised to the highest point, then quickly slipped down the chute, when visitors can appreciate the feeling of weightlessness, when the cruise ships glide into the watercourse termination, huge waves splashing thrills, but with the spray the disappearance and cruise to a smooth, passing through numerous people had the joy of returning after the victory, the whole process of near misses pleasure, fun.

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      Monday to Weekend, 8:30-17:00