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      Couples Flying Car

      Stimulus project


      Speed is a couple with the level of the tape surface tilted 5 °, uniformly distributed along the circumference of 6 small plates, each of the three small cap on the layout of the cockpit. Each cabin can seat two passengers, each cabin has a small disk with 80 ° tilt of the axis of rotation, while the cockpit's center of gravity with its rotary axis and deviated from a distance, so the cockpit by weight and centrifugal force unpowered free rotation. Size of the plate, respectively, driven by the motor, to do their rotation, the speed with the inverter, do random irregular changes. Each cabin instantaneous speed and direction are constantly changing. In the centrifugal force, the cockpit will be done to change the rules, variable speed rotation, high-speed passenger will feel no rules in the rotation at the same time, but also in a strong up and down bumps, float, spinning, driving clouds fog, like like all fairy, Nanbian heaven on earth. Among the passengers got dizzy unlimited joy and excitement.

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      Monday to Weekend, 8:30-17:00