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    1. Welcome To Wenzhou Amusement Park! Tel:0577-86696111
      Time: Mon To Weekend, 8:30-17:00      中文版    English

      Wavy Flying Chair

      Parent-child project


      Wave flying chairs, fly tower is a novel class tourist attractions. It is characterized by the operation of the column with a slide revolution movement, head Big Wheel for the reverse, tilt, swing-open along the slide to allow for the rotation, the next lifting movement. By people with a chain hanging chairs on the Big Wheel, the revolution and rotation and the upper and lower lifting movement of the compound, so that by one seat under the effect of centrifugal force swirling around the pillar rise and fall, visitors sit in a chair, as if Yinyan in the clear sky in the maneuver, flying one after another, up and down every now and then. Fun for tourists.


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      Monday to Weekend, 8:30-17:00