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    1. Welcome To Wenzhou Amusement Park! Tel:0577-86696111
      Time: Mon To Weekend, 8:30-17:00      中文版    English

      Pitched Battle in Shark Island

      Parent-child project


      Shark Island is a rotating fighting class tourist attractions. 12 spacecraft around the center of the island rotation (2.5r/min). Center of the island's five sharks around the heart of rotation (7r/min). The island has goals, seals, turtles, bears, etc. Visitors take the spacecraft through the spacecraft's water gun shooting targets with sharks, the target was hit, resulting in a variety of actions, such as water, action, wow. Center of the island was hit by a small shark, spray water column. Sharks keep it to your water in a jet. Fountain pool water once every 10 seconds.

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      Monday to Weekend, 8:30-17:00