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    1. Welcome To Wenzhou Amusement Park! Tel:0577-86696111
      Time: Mon To Weekend, 8:30-17:00      中文版    English

      Mini Pirate Ship

      Childrens project


      Small pirate ship for children 8 to 16 years of age who had developed a new type of play equipment. Equipment will be running or stopped before the alarm prompt, and can play in the operation of wonderful music. People are like living in fairyland to enjoy. More exciting, more safety features that parents let children safely experience the adventure of fun, parents and children can ride together, and running the equipment to encourage children to try.

      ZHEJIANG 浙ICP備17051394號 Wenzhou Lok Park Limited. All RIGHTS RESERVED Support:ZHIDOM


      Monday to Weekend, 8:30-17:00